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A3 SkiPath PC (license only)

A3 SkiPath PC (license only)

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SkiPath PC license

  • SkiPath PC for Windows® application for use with existing SkiPath Base and SkiPath Rover installation
  • Software downloadable for setup on your own PC
  • Intended for water ski course:
    • Design: draw Slalom, Jump Trick courses on built-in map
    • Placement: precision location of buoys on the water
    • Homologation: measurement of course to official standards
    • Tracking: see real-time boat path, summary graph, official score, and replay
    • Steering: let the computer steer the boat automatically


  • SkiPath PC license for Windows® 7+ system
  • Download and install SkiPath PC .msi to your own PC.
SkiPath Base, SkiPath Rover, SkiPath Mobile sold separately.