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SkiPath PC

SkiPath PC has a suite of features that go beyond the capabilities of SkiPath Mobile. Written for the Windows platform, SkiPath PC is designed to do five things.

  1. Design: Slalom, Jump and Trick courses can be designed on a built-in Google or Bing map.

  2. Place: Once a course is designed, SkiPath PC can be used on a boat or raft to pinpoint to the centimeter exactly where each buoy needs to be anchored. If equipped with a small crane, weights can be lowered into the water and placed where they need to be. The target on the screen shows visually and numerically exactly where the anchor should go.

     Simulating placement of buoy S2. 

    Anchor should be dropped 69 cm toward the Entrance Gate, and 87 cm to the right of the current position represented by the red circle next to the target and the white dot on buoy S2 on the map. The course was designed using SkiPath PC. The blue dot on shore is where the Base station is located.

  3. Homologate: It takes about 15 minutes to homologate (measure) a course using SkiPath PC. This used to be done with expensive survey equipment and would often involve a swimmer placing a prism on each buoy while a surveyor plotted its location. Oh, and the measurements had to be made from three different points on shore. Now, a GPS puck can be attached to the end of an extension pole and held over each buoy while the operator clicks a button on the computer. No-one has to get wet! After the last buoy has been marked, SkiPath PC pops up Emmanuel Lion's Waterski Homologation program (downloadable separately), the official International Water Sports Federation’s homologation summary. A further button click displays a diagram showing exactly where each buoy is located, highlighting any that are out of tolerance. If necessary, adjustments to buoy placement can be made and double-checked immediately.
     Homologating a Waterski Slalom Course with SkiPath PC and SkiPath Mobile
    When Advance Automatically is checked (1), SkiPath PC selects successive buoys as their locations are saved. Locations can be saved in any order or skipped. When the last buoy's location is saved, click the Close File and Process button to transfer the saved locations to see a summary table and site diagram highlighting buoys that are out of tolerance.
  4. Track: Like SkiPath Mobile, SkiPath PC can track boat path. At the end of a run, a detailed graph pops up with an accompanying table showing times at each buoy, deviations at each buoy, cumulative deviations, zone deviations, and optionally, average deviation between buoys, furthest point left of center, furthest point right of center, and green or red boxes showing whether the run passed official criteria. There's also a summary window that slides out showing the same data as seen in the graph's table. Optionally, the run can be replayed right on the Google or Bing map. The data for the run is stored in a file on the PC and can be reviewed in fine detail later. 

     SkiPath PC Instant replay:


  5. Steer: We've successfully pulled skiers with SkiPath PC steering the boat. Maximum deviation in our test runs was less than 15 cm while pulling some pretty strong professional skiers in Sweetwater, TN and San Antonio, TX. This feature is still under development, but we've proven we can do it.

We've worked hard at building a comprehensive waterski management system. SkiPath Mobile and SkiPath PC are integrated such that course information can be transferred between systems wirelessly. Android data is shareable with the PC so that at the end of the day, all the runs recorded by SkiPath Mobile can be analyzed in detail and replayed on the SkiPath PC screen.

Users report that SkiPath is easy to set up, easy to use, and leads to noticeably better driving within just a few passes.

SkiPath is currently being reviewed by the American Water Sports Federation and the International Water Sports Federation for use at record tournaments. SkiPath calculations and presentation have been fine-tuned with the kind assistance of several high-ranking officials of the AWSF and IWSF. Our thanks to them.



Design the layout for jump measurement camera marker buoys. Then use the SkiPath PC Placement feature to locate and place them. Up to four camera zones can be defined as polygons that are color matched to the Camera Grid Layout table. 


Use the Survey feature to layout and measure up to four polygons relative to a baseline like a property line. Mark out building footprints or irregular shapes. Stake out shape outlines using the GPS capabilities of SkiPath PC software and hardware. Save any series of points in the field and have SkiPath PC calculate dimensions relative to the primary point. Includes elevation data.

 SkiPath PC Survey - designing and plotting a backyard ice rink


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